As of 6/23/18
Definitely one of the craziest weather years I
can remember!

Anyway, the lake is currently pretty cold for
the end of June, and so it is fishing more like
it is early May than what you would expect.  
Bass are still relatively shallow and I have
seen a few places where they are still
spawning.  Live bait is working fine.  Shiners,
crayfish and night crawlers all are working to
entice the bass.  Gary Yamamoto Senkos
continue to be one of the top artificials.  
Watermelon, Green Pumpkin and
Pumpkinseed have bee the best colors thus far.

Lake Trout fishing has been steady.  The
charter captains have all had smiles on their
faces when I have spoken with them.  I
haven't heard of anything huge coming out of
the lake, but they are consistently putting fish
in the boat.  Mooselook Wabblers and Speedy
Shiners have been the top lures the past two