As of 1/15/18

Well as 2017 ends we have had one of the coldest stretches of weather
I have ever experienced since moving to the north country in 1985.  
Single digit daytime highs and in the teens below zero have us set up
for an early start to the ice fishing season.  The extended forecast is
for more unseasonably cold weather which can only help button up
the lakes sooner rather than later.  Another interesting fact is that
Lake George was 13 degrees cooler at the end of August this year
than it was in 2016.  That is a lot of heat that doesn't need to come out
of the water before the lake will freeze this year!  

The south end of Lake George is now being fished as well as much of
the area around Diamond Point and Bolton Landing.  As of Friday,
about 2/3 of Northwest Bay was frozen, but there was open water still
in the deepest part of the lake from Pilot Knob up to the Narrows and
over to Dome Island.  Given last night's -22F temperature, that part
of the lake should be buttoning up soon.  Harris Bay has been getting
a lot of pressure since it is one of the first to freeze as well as near
Roger's and Veteran's Parks in Bolton.

The smaller lakes are all reporting ice as of this time.  So people are
out fishing on Moreau, Trout, Glen, Brant, Loon, Eagle and Paradox
Lakes.  Lake Champlain is being fished in the south bay with some
nice pike and perch being caught already.  Further north, Eaton,
Long, Indian and Blue Mtn all have ice as well.  I have heard that the
north end of Schroon Lake is frozen as well, but with any of these
lakes, extra caution is always merited especially this early in the
season.  So please make sure you have floatation gear ON YOUR
PERSON as well as ice picks to help you get out if you go through the
ice.  Travel with a friend and make sure you stay far enough apart
that if one person goes in, you don't both go in.  Have enough strong
rope to pull someone out onto the ice as well.  Sadly, what seems
common sense is not as common as we would think, so let's be careful
and have a safe winter season that we can all remember fondly for
years to come!

I will be back with any reports on what is working and where the fish
are biting as soon as I hear anything.  I will be here weekends and I
am trying to find help to work during the week while I am at school.  
Updated store hours will always be posted on our home page.

Please be safe and have a very Happy New Year!