As of 3/3/18

That's what I typed back in
we are having one of the warmest
Februaries that I can recall!

Anyway, as of this morning there was still plenty of ice on the lake.  
How the lake is going to react to the 40 degree days with about 9
inches of snow on it remains to be seen.  Evenings have been in the
teens and 20's so the surface firms up again, and then it is kind of
slushy out there by midday.  I haven't heard of people having issues
getting on and off the ice yet, but that is not far away if things
continue as they have been weather wise.  Just be careful out there
and have a back up plan in case your route onto the ice is no longer a
safe way to get off of the ice.

Fishing for perch, lakers and pike has been steady.  Unfortunately the
supply of suckers ended before the desire to purchase them from our
customers.  That was a result of the early start to the season as well as
great demand in the midwest this year as well.  We still have Hunts,
Icicles, Fat Heads and all sizes of Shiners for your fishing pleasure.